HAS Self Care Workshop Writing With Intent

The HAS Self Care Workshop Writing with Intent is a writing workshop made to empower creative writing for self care for BIPOC folks. 

  1. Learn how writing can help promote self care and well being.
  2. Learn more about how to improve your writing and creativity. 
  3. Come together as a community to be creative and find inspiration with one another with the power of writing.

If you are interested in attending this free workshops RSVP now!

Link will be emailed to participants who rsvp. 

Carolina Gamero liana cabrera Whitney Amaya Eric Contreras Monica Mejia Elizabeth Uribe Dalila Lopez Lauren Nation Jessica Alvarez Karla Nuño Jeanette Ochoa Edlin Lopez Blanca Arriaga Jocelyne Lopez Nancy Lemus Amanda Fruta Jenn Mejia Diana Hsieh Diego Mayen Maya Chinchilla Lupe Anaya Nancy Burgos Stephanie Siordia Irma Escobar Daichi Gant-Ruiz

Will you come?